Storelli Youth BodyShield Sliding Shorts - Black

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Youth BodyShield Sliding Shorts by Storelli

As your youth soccer player is learning to play the beautiful game, he’ll start developing a good sliding technique for slide tackles and winning 50-50 balls. But until he has perfected his sliding, and even once it does improve, he might need a little extra protection around his hips and thighs to help prevent impact and abrasion injuries. Get your player the extra sliding protection he needs as well as much-needed base-layer protection when you shop soccerloco for the new Youth BodyShield Sliding Shorts by Storelli.

These youth compression sliders are designed very specifically as a base layer that your kid will wear underneath regular soccer shorts on game day. They are lightweight, comfortable, unrestrictive and yet protective at the same time. These sliders feature the regular benefits of compression shorts but the key component is the padding that covers the hips and thighs. That impact-resistant protection is crafted from 3 millimeters of high-performance polyurethane (PU) foam and shields your child from impact injuries when contacting opposing players and the ground. The padding is specially designed so as not to slow your kid down or hinder his movement as it’s made with specialized placement so as to still be pliable and flexible. These lightweight youth sliders are also built from premium moisture-wicking compression fabric that optimizes comfort and breathability and helps keep you cool, dry and comfortable by wicking away sweat and moisture from the skin. Built into the fabric of these shorts is an advanced anti-microbial treatment that reduces odor and reduces the risk of infection, just another way Storelli helps your kid stay healthy. The shorts have an elastic waistband to help keep them in place and allow for a comfortable and stretchy fit. The black shorts feature a very small Storelli graphic in yellow on the left leg and Storelli branding around the elastic waistband. Protect your child from impact and abrasion injuries as he practices and learns proper sliding techniques when you shop the new black Storelli Youth BodyShield Sliding Shorts from soccerloco, the leading internet retailer of high-performance soccer shoes, apparel, equipment and more, including all of the newest Storelli BodyShield soccer protection gear.


  • 3mm PU foam protection for hips/thighs
  • Moisture-wicking compression fabric construction
  • Anti-microbial fabric treatment
  • Flexible padding design