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Storelli Youth BodyShield Sleeveless Field Player Shirt - White


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Special Price $49.49

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Protect your child from preventable injuries and give him the confidence to be fearless on the field when you shop the new white Storelli Youth BodyShield Sleeveless Field Player Shirt

storelli Youth Compression Fit

SizeChest (in.)Waist (in.)
Small 24 - 26" 18 - 20"
Medium 26 - 28" 20 - 24"
Large 28 - 32" 24 - 26"

How to measure

Place the tape measure under your arms at the fullest part of your chest. Wrap around your body until your fingers meet, mark the measurement.

Measure around your natural waistline, at the point where your hips begin. Tape should be snug but not too tight.


Special Price $49.49

Regular Price: $54.99

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Youth BodyShield Sleeveless Field Player Shirt by Storelli

You want your child to be protected every time he steps foot on the field, and although you can’t be out there with him to safeguard him, you can send him out with confidence when he’s wearing Storelli soccer protection gear. Storelli is revolutionizing soccer protective gear and giving players and their parents the assurance that they’ve planned ahead and done everything in their power to prevent an injury. So shop soccerloco today and be confident your kid is safe and protected when he’s wearing the new Youth BodyShield Sleeveless Field Player Shirt by Storelli.

The most common injuries in soccer are to the lower body, but that doesn’t mean an injury can’t happen to the upper body, too. From players swinging their arms recklessly to the ball pegging your kid on a free kick, there’s numerous ways his upper torso can sustain injuries if he’s not protected. But with this sleeveless youth soccer protective top, your child can play fearlessly knowing he’s wearing the mot innovative impact resistant gear in the game. The shirt features high-performance polyurethane (PU) foam padding that covers the chest and ribs to safeguard against impact and abrasion. The padding on the chest features a special concaved pad called the ChesTrap that’s designed to help you take a soft touch and reduce the height or length of a rebound when you trap the ball on your chest. The padding is lightweight and flexible, while the portion of the shirt that doesn’t feature padding – like the abdomen and upper back – is made from breathable moisture-wicking compression fabric to help keep muscles warm and avoid injury while also wicking away sweat and moisture to keep your youth player dry and comfortable. This protective top features advanced anti-microbial foam treatment to reduce the risk of bad odor and infections. This protective field player shirt is sleeveless and all white, with small black Storelli brand markings on the chest, upper back and rib. Keep your kid safe from preventable injuries to his upper torso and give him the confidence to be fearless on the field when you shop the new white Storelli Youth BodyShield Sleeveless Field Player Shirt from soccerloco, the leading online retailer of high-quality soccer equipment for youth and adult players, including the new line of protection gear from Storelli.


  • PU foam paddings
  • Revolutionary ChesTrap technology
  • Lightweight compression fabric
  • Odor reducing anti-microbial treatment

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