Storelli Youth BodyShield Goalkeeper 3/4 Shirt - White


Youth BodyShield Goalkeeper ¾ Shirt by Storelli

If you’re the type of parent that worries about your kid getting injured, well A) you’re not alone, and B) Storelli has your back. Well, actually, Storelli has your kids back, and his shoulders, chest, ribs and elbows, all of them swathed in comfortable, padded protection. As a goalkeeper, there are a lot of different things coming at your child that could potentially hurt him, but with the new white Youth BodyShield Goalkeeper ¾ Shirt by Storelli, he’ll be protected from all of it. Shop soccerloco and get the best price on Storelli’s new lineup of protective soccer gear so you can send him on to the field with confidence.

This base layer compression shirt for youth goalkeepers is made with a ton of padding to keep our kid safe. The protective padding of this shirt is made from high-performance polyurethane (PU) foam to protect your child’s body from normal impact and abrasion injuries, like contact with the field when diving or lunging, and contact with other players during normal on-field collisions. The foam padding covers the areas of highest impact on the upper torso, including the chest, shoulders, elbows and ribs. These pads are designed to allow your kid to dive and leap and lunge and make every normal move he needs to make in goal without suffering impact injuries. The special foam pad on the chest of this shirt is called the ChesTrap, and it’s created with a design to reduce rebounds and absorb shots that hit their chest, because nothing is worse as a goalkeeper than giving up a rebound that the other team easily taps in. This shirt is still lightweight and flexible despite the padding because of the strategic placement of the pads. Plus it’s made from lightweight, moisture-wicking compression fabric that keeps your kid’s muscles warm and ready to play while emphasizing comfort and breathability. And very importantly for young boy soccer players, this base-layer shirt is made with innovative anti-microbial foam treatment to reduce the risk of bad odor, which you know as a parent is extremely important. This base-layer shirt with ¾ length sleeves should be worn underneath a long sleeve goalkeeping jersey. It’s white with small black Storelli branding marks on the chest, right sleeve and crew neck collar. Give yourself peace of mind and give your child protection from impact and abrasion injuries when you get him the new white Storelli Youth BodyShield Goalkeeper ¾ Shirt from soccerloco, the leading online seller of high-quality soccer gear, including the newest line of Storelli protection gear for youth and adult goalkeepers and field players.


  • PU foam shoulder, chest, elbow and rib padding
  • Revolutionary ChesTrap technology
  • Lightweight compression fabric
  • Odor reducing anti-microbial treatment