Storelli Women's BodyShield Sliding Shorts - Black

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Women's BodyShield Sliding Shorts by Storelli

When you're flying in for a tackle or sliding in to win a 50-50 ball, you need all the protection you can get from impact with the ground as well as impact with other players. Lucky for your, Storelli has finally made protective compression sliding shorts specifically designed for women. These compression sliders are a little shorter than the men's version – because your shorts are likely going to be a little shorter – but feature all the same protection and performance properties. Shop soccerloco today and get the protection you need when you get the new black Women's BodyShield Sliding Shorts by Storelli.

These compression sliders are designed for the top female players to wear underneath regular soccer shorts, and they're the perfect base layer to wear on game day. They are lightweight, comfortable, unrestrictive and yet protective at the same time, and shaped specifically for the female body. The key element of these compression sliders is the padding that covers your hips and thighs. That impact-resistant protection is crafted from 3 millimeters of high-performance polyurethane (PU) foam and shields you from impact with opposing players and the ground. This cushioned padding will safeguard you from injury but won't slow you down or hinder your natural movement, because it's designed with the foam padding in a specialized placement with flexible gaps and seams that still allow you to run, pass, shoot, jump, slide and move naturally. These lightweight sliders are also built from premium compression fabric that helps keep your muscles loose and warm while keeping your skin dry, as it's built with specialized moisture-wicking technology. Built into the fabric of these shorts is an advanced anti-microbial treatment that reduces odor – keeping you smelling fresh all day long – and reduces the risk of infection, just another way Storelli helps you stay healthy.  These base layer compression underwear have a stretchy elastic waistband and a feminine cut for a better fit over the female hips. The sliders are all black with just a small yellow Storelli brand mark in the front underneath the waist. Protect your hips and thighs from impact and abrasion injuries when you fly into tackles and slide into challenges with the new black Storelli Women's BodyShield Sliding Shorts from soccerloco, the web's leading retailer of high-performance soccer gear at the best prices around, including the newest line of Storelli soccer protection gear.


  • 3mm PU foam protection for hips/thighs
  • Moisture-wicking compression fabric construction
  • Anti-microbial fabric treatment
  • Flexible padding design
  • Female specific cut, fit and length