ExoShield Headguard

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ExoShield Headguard by Storelli

This head guard look familiar? You probably recognize it as the same protective head gear Wayne Rooney wore back in September 2013. Rooney and Manchester United trusted the Storelli ExoShield Headguard in order to get the striker back on the pitch quickly after he suffered a head injury. Concussions and injuries to the head are the worst type of injuries by far because of the long-term, permanent damage they can cause. But Storelli is hoping to mitigate that damage with this protective headband. There’s no way to totally prevent a concussion besides staying on the sideline, but the best way to do everything in your power to avoid a concussion* is by wearing the ExoShield Headguard by Storelli. This new head guard is designed to look better than the traditional helmet and keep you safe, and it’s available now at soccerloco.

Let’s face it, protective soccer headgear will probably never look cool. But the new ExoShield headgear by Storelli looks as stealthy and cool as possible – quite like simply wearing a headband – and can help to prevent head injuries when you head the ball or collide with opposing players. Rooney and Manchester United trusted in this head protection back in 2013, and it’s time you take the same step to protect yourself. This head guard has outperformed traditional head guards in scientific protection testing and reduces the effect of G-forces by over 50-percent. It’s designed specifically for soccer and made to absorb impact because it incorporates the same lightweight open-cell viscoelastic foam used in combat-grade military helmet liners. It’s supremely protective but also really lightweight, made from best-in-class materials to provide temperature control, breathability and comfort. It’s made with moisture-wicking technology that will help wick the sweat from your head and keep you cool and comfortable. And again, while head protection in general isn’t the coolest look in the world, this head guard specifically is the coolest looking one available. It’s got a stealth design that strategically avoids the traditional “helmet” while still maximizing protection in key areas. Protect your head from impact injuries and do your best to avoid concussions* when you shop the new Storelli ExoShield Headguard from soccerloco, the leading online seller of high-quality soccer gear from shoes and apparel to balls and equipment, and now introducing the newest line of premium soccer protection from Storelli.


  • G-force reducing protection
  • Open-cell viscoelastic foam protection (same as used in combat-grade military helmet liners)
  • Sleek stealth design
  • Moisture-wicking fabric construction