Storelli BodyShield Ultimate Protection Goalkeeper Sliding Shorts - Black

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BodyShield Ultimate Protection Goalkeeper Shorts by Storelli

When you’re protecting your team’s goal, what’s protecting you? Shots are flying at you, forwards are rushing towards you on the counter attack and you’re diving to the ground and mixing it up inside the crowded penalty area on corner kicks and crosses. So who or what is protecting you? Storelli, that’s who. Storelli is the leading manufacturer of protective soccer gear, and when you shop soccerloco for the new black BodyShield Ultimate Protection Goalkeeper Shorts by Storelli, you can shop with confidence knowing you’ll have the ultimate protection while you protect your team’s lead.

These compression slider shorts are designed with built-in protection padding that will safeguard you from preventable impact and abrasion injuries. Wearing these comfortable protective goalkeeper slider shorts underneath your regular goalkeeping pants or shorts is like wearing armor for your vulnerable hips and thighs. These shorts are built for impact resistance and made with up to 6 millimeters of custom-gradient molded EVA foam protection. This advanced padding provides cushioned protection from hard grass and synthetic surfaces, so you can mind your goal fearlessly and aggressively. The padding runs down the length of the outside of each leg from the hips to the lower thighs, and there’s a special tailbone protection pad in the back of the shorts. But all of this padding is constructed in a way that still makes these shorts lightweight and comfortable, and with Storelli’s proprietary V-Flex pad design, you still have a maximum range of motion while wearing these goalkeeping slider shorts. They’re made from compression fabric that conforms to your body and keeps your muscles warm and ready for action. These compression slider shorts are also made with breathable moisture-wicking technology to help your body manage sweat and moisture to stay dry, cool and comfortable all match long. The black shorts feature some yellow Storelli brand marking around the elastic waistband. Let Storelli protect you while you protect your team’s goal and your team’s lead in the new Storelli BodyShield Ultimate Protection Goalkeeper Shorts from soccerloco, the leading online retailer of soccer shoes, equipment, goalkeeping gear and more, including the newest line of protective soccer gear from Storelli.


  • Moisture-wicking compression fabric construction
  • 6mm EVA foam protection for hips, thighs
  • Specialized tail bone protection pad
  • V-flex pad design
  • Elastic waistband, tight compression fit