Storelli BodyShield Sleeveless Field Player Shirt - Black


BodyShield Sleeveless Field Player Shirt by Storelli

You go hard when you’re out on the field, and you value winning over almost everything else. So while you’re worried about scoring goals, creating goals, or stopping the other team from scoring goals, let Storelli’s new line of protective gear worry about your safety and health. Shop soccerloco today so you can protect your ribs, chest and upper body from injury when you shop the new black BodyShield Sleeveless Field Player Shirt by Storelli.

This padded compression shirt features innovative impact resistant technology that protects your upper body while helping you to control long passes in the air. It features Extreme Impact Resistant high-performance polyurethane (PU) protection foam that safeguards your chest and ribs while wrapping them tightly like compression material. Smack dab in the middle of the chest is a specially shaped foam pad called the ChesTrap chest pad that’s designed to help you take a soft touch, have better control and reduce rebounds when you trap the ball on your chest. The padding is flexible and lightweight and protects against other players (flying elbows, heads, etc.) as well the ground when you fall or dive. The padding on this sleeveless shirt is focused around the top of the torso, the ribs and the back, while the area of this shirt that isn’t padded features lightweight moisture-wicking compression fabric. The compression fabric is comfortable and breathable, while this entire protection top features advanced anti-microbial foam treatment to reduce the risk of bad odor and infections. This shirt is all black, with small yellow Storelli brand markings on the chest, upper back and rib. Protect your upper torso from impact and abrasion injuries so you can focus on dominating the competition when you shop the brand-new Storelli BodyShield Sleeveless Field Player Shirt from soccerloco, the leading online retailer of high-quality soccer gear and equipment, including the newest line of protection gear from Storelli.


  • PU foam paddings
  • Revolutionary ChesTrap technology
  • Lightweight compression fabric
  • Odor reducing anti-microbial treatment