Storelli BodyShield Leg Guards - Black

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BodyShield Leg Guards by Storelli

There’s a reason you’ve been wearing shin guards since you were just a little tot – leg injuries are far and away the most common injuries in soccer. According to research by Storelli over 65% of soccer injuries affect lower limbs, meaning if you get injured on the pitch, it’s more than likely to be your leg. So why just shin guards and shin protection, why not ankle protection and calf protection too? That’s the same question Storelli has been asking as they work on ways to make you safer, and their answer to that question comes in the form of this product: the new BodyShield Leg Guard 2.0. Shop soccerloco today and get these new black Storelli leg guards for a great price.

This leg guard is Storelli’s most popular and highest rated product, and for good reason: it’s revolutionizing lower leg protection with extreme comfort and without compromising performance. This leg guard is basically a shin guard sleeve on steroids, with extra support and protection through the ankle, shin and calf. It’s made with a shin pad pocket (shin guard NOT included) where you slide your favorite guard into place. The compression fabric and specially designed pocket will keep your shin guard in place to protect the front of our leg. That’s where usually where leg protection ends for most soccer gear, but that’s only the beginning for this leg guard. It features high-quality Poron XRD polyurethane (PU) foam padding around your ankles, Achilles tendon and calves. This padding will help you ride out challenges and avoid common injuries that come from getting kicked, tackled and stepped on during games. You might think all this extra padding will weigh you down, but it’s placed strategically to be flexible and enhance mobility without comprising performance or protection. This lightweight total leg guard is custom-designed to maximize comfort, including premium moisture-wicking compression fabric to keep your muscles warm while also enhancing breathability. And with an advanced anti-microbial treatment, the guard reduces odor and reduces the risk of infections. This guard is all black with Storelli brand marking on the front where your shin guard slides into the special pocket. Ride out every tackle and protect your entire leg from reckless challenges when you shop today for the new Storelli BodyShield Leg Guards from soccerloco, the premier online retailer of premium soccer gear from the best companies, including the newest line of protective soccer gear from Storelli.


  • Shin guard pocket (shin guard NOT included)
  • Poron XRD PU foam padding on ankles, back/side legs
  • Moisture-wicking compression fabric
  • Anti-microbial treatment