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Reusch Waorani SG Elite Goalkeeper Glove - Pink/Blue

Reusch Waorani SG Elite Goalkeeper Glove - Pink/Blue


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Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves

Your gloves should fit slightly large, allowing for about 1/4" to 1/2" extension past your finger tips.

Hand Circumference (in.) Gloves Size
3-4" 5
4-5" 6
5-6" 7
6-7" 8
7-8" 9
8-9" 10
9-10" 11
10-11" 12
Measure the circumference of your palm just below your biggest knuckles. Do not include your thumb.

Step 1: Measure Yourself
Measure the circumference of your hand, just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb.

Step 2: Find Your Size
Round your measurement up to the next whole number and add 1 (Ex. 7.5" rounds up to 8 + 1 = 9). This is your ideal glove size.

Reusch Waorani SG Elite Goalkeeper Glove - Pink/Blue

Waorani SG Elite Goalie Gloves by Reusch

Protect your hands in goal by making sure you’ve got quality gloves with soft padding. These gloves from Reusch have exactly what you need to comfortably defend the net. Shop now for a pair of Waorani SG Elite Goalie Gloves by Reusch from soccerloco, the best place on  the web to find the soccer equipment, clothing, cleats and more at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere on the web.

Made with Reusch’s SG Soft Grip foam, these gloves offer excellent padding to save your hands from the sting of a stopped ball and give you a reliable hold for better throw-ins and fewer dropped saves. The back of the gloves are made of embossed PVC with grooves at critical points to allow for more flexibility and easy, natural movement. Reusch also built their AirVentSystem into the gloves with Air Mesh panels at the back, allowing cool air to force out excess heat. These gloves will stay securely in place while you play thanks to the wraparound bandage-style wrist closure that holds tight but it still easy to open. Your fingers will be splayed out into a wide but comfortable position that leaves you ready to catch any incoming threats. Get your Reusch Waorani SG Elite Goalkeeper Gloves from soccerloco today and save yourself from the pain and possible injury of stopping shots bare-handed.


  • Soft Grip foam palm
  • Embossed PVC backing
  • AirVentSystem
  • Full strap wrist closure

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