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Reusch RE:INVIGORATE Glove Wash and RE:GRIP


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Make sure your goalkeeper gloves last a long time and stay fresh and clean all season long with Reusch’s newly reformulated RE:INVIGORATE Glove Wash and RE:GRIP.

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Reusch RE:INVIGORATE Glove Wash and RE:GRIP

RE:INVIGORATE Glove Wash and RE:GRIP by Reusch

You know how a long, hard, hot season can take its toll on your goalkeeper gloves. Your hands sweat no matter the weather, and when moisture builds up in your gloves it can leave them smelling less than fresh. Sun damage, heat and extended use can also leave the palms damaged and not working their best. That’s why your gloves can use a freshening up, and that’s why it would be wise to shop soccerloco today for the packaged RE:INVIGORATE Glove Wash and RE:GRIP by Reusch.

First, the glove wash. It’s newly reformulated and twice as concentrated as Reusch’s original wash, so it takes a lot less to clean your gloves’ foam palms. It’s made from only natural ingredients and contains no phosphates, chlorine bleaches, dyes or perfumes that can damage foam. The formula is mild, low foaming, biodegradable, and non-toxic, and it has a natural scent that helps eliminate glove odor. Meanwhile, the RE:GRIP helps restore the traction and grip to the foam palms of your gloves. It can be applied before or during a game in wet or dry conditions and will help rejuvenate the palms of your gloves back to their former excellence. Keep great care of your gloves, keep them smelling fresh, feeling clean and gripping great with the newly reformulated Reusch RE:INVIGORATE Glove Wash and RE:GRIP from soccerloco, the web’s leading retailer of goalkeeper gloves, pants, jerseys, equipment and more.


  • Wash: toxic-free, biodegradable
  • Wash: twice as concentrated as original formula
  • Wash: natural scent
  • Regrip: apply before or during games
  • Regrip: for wet or dry conditions

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