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Reusch RE:CEPTOR Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves - Green/Black/White

Reusch RE:CEPTOR Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves - Green/Black/White


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Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves

Your gloves should fit slightly large, allowing for about 1/4" to 1/2" extension past your finger tips.

Hand Circumference (in.) Gloves Size
3-4" 5
4-5" 6
5-6" 7
6-7" 8
7-8" 9
8-9" 10
9-10" 11
10-11" 12
Measure the circumference of your palm just below your biggest knuckles. Do not include your thumb.

Step 1: Measure Yourself
Measure the circumference of your hand, just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb.

Step 2: Find Your Size
Round your measurement up to the next whole number and add 1 (Ex. 7.5" rounds up to 8 + 1 = 9). This is your ideal glove size.

Reusch RE:CEPTOR Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves - Green/Black/White

RE:CEPTOR Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves by Reusch

As a goalkeeper, you’re the last line of defense for your team, the one that’s called upon to keep a clean sheet when your defense fails. In order to stop every shot that comes your way, you need the right gear, and you need to have confidence in your gear. Shop soccerloco today and make sure you’ve got the most trust worthy gloves in the game when you wear the new RE:CEPTOR Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves by Reusch.

These gloves are packed with advanced Reusch technology to ensure a snug fit, soft catch and injury protection. The palms feature Reusch’s ultra-soft G2 foam so you can comfortably parry away even the hardest struck shots. These gloves feature a dual rolled Expanse Cut ESS (Ergonomic Support System) that widens the palms of your gloves to provide more surface area with which to make saves. The fingers and thumbs of these gloves come with removable Ortho-Tec protection that you can switch in or out through zippered pockets. That protection is key in ensuring that your fingers don’t bend too far back, while other Reusch technologies like expanded fingertips and Shockshield Advanced give you added protection while making catches and fingertip saves. The backhand is made from Pro Latex with AirVentSystem to keep your hands cool and comfortable for 90 minutes or more. The wrist features a full-strap bandage style closure. These gloves look great and are unique with green palms as well as green and black on the backhand, with white on the forefinger. Trust in your gloves when the defense is bearing down on you when you pick up the new Reusch RE:CEPTOR Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves from soccerloco, the web’s leading retailer of soccer goalkeeper gloves, pants, jerseys and all your net-minding needs.


  • G2 – Ultrasoft foam palms
  • Dual Rolled Expanse Cut ESS™
  • Removable Ortho-Tec™ Finger & Thumb Protection    
  • Bandage full-strap wrist closure
  • Pro Latex backhand with AirVentSystem™
  • Expanded Finger Tips™, Shockshield™ Advanced, Catch Control™ 2.0
  • 3D Thumb Crotch™, Rolled Thumb™

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