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Reusch Keon Deluxe G1 Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch Keon Deluxe G1 Goalkeeper Gloves


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Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves

Your gloves should fit slightly large, allowing for about 1/4" to 1/2" extension past your finger tips.

Hand Circumference (in.) Gloves Size
3-4" 5
4-5" 6
5-6" 7
6-7" 8
7-8" 9
8-9" 10
9-10" 11
10-11" 12
Measure the circumference of your palm just below your biggest knuckles. Do not include your thumb.

Step 1: Measure Yourself
Measure the circumference of your hand, just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb.

Step 2: Find Your Size
Round your measurement up to the next whole number and add 1 (Ex. 7.5" rounds up to 8 + 1 = 9). This is your ideal glove size.

Reusch Keon Deluxe G1 Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch Keon Deluxe G1 Goalkeeper Glove

The new Reusch Keon Deluxe G1 Goalkeeper Glove is loaded with the newest in technology and is a must have for all top goalkeepers looking to bring their game to the next level. The Keon Deluxe G1 Goalkeeper Glove has an ESS (Ergonomic Support System) which shapes the hand and fingers into a natural catching position. Reusch's AirVentSystem uses highly breathable Air Mesh material to make this glove more comfortable by keeping your hand cooler during training and match play. Reusch also uses an elasticized thread throughout the glove to help eliminate tear outs.

Keon Deluxe G1 Palm: The latest G1 Ultrasoft Catch Control foam is latex with a very high percentage of natural latex. The micro-porous structure makes the G1 Ultrasoft foam very elastic and soft in all weather conditions. The latest improvement is Catch Control, which adds newly developed memory foam to the palm material. This memory foam absorbs the speed of the ball effectively and at the same time stabilizes the hand by creating a sercure mould around the ball at impact. Moreover, the 4mm memory foam layer perfectly cushions the hands and makes the glove more comfortable. Another improvement is the addition of Duraguard foam patches, where they add more durable foam and sew it on the palm of the glove. This helps reduce wear and "shredding" in the area of the palm where the keeper pushes off the ground after diving.

Keon Deluxe G1 Backhand: Flexion Wave combines flexibility and a perfect fit by using a double layer construction between the wrist bandage and the backhand latex that is made of a very stretchy material. This maximizes flexibility while moving and also prevents the wristband from pulling up when the goalkeeper makes a fist. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible.

Keon Deluxe G1 Closure: The new Wider Latex Wrist Bandage gives the keeper a better fit and more control. The revolutionary Pro Flex technology offers excellent flexibility that improves the glove fit and performance. Also includes the new Pull Loop system that helps the keepers get their gloves on.

Keon Deluxe G1 Protection: The advanced ShockShield provides additional protection to the keeper when punching the ball, or getting stepped on during play.

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