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Nike Protegga Shield Guard - Chrome


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Nike Shin Guards

Nike shin guard sizes are determined by height. Match your height to the chart below to find your correct shin guard size.

The bigger the shin guard size, the longer and wider it is to accommodate larger leg diameters. Shin guards should fit from just above the bend of your ankle when you flex upward to a couple inches below the knee.

Adult Size Chart

SizeHeight (FT/IN)
XS/TP 4' 7" - 4' 11"
S/P 4' 11" - 5' 3"
M/M 5' 3" - 5' 7"
L/G 5' 7" - 5' 11"
XL/TG 5' 11" - 6' 3"

Youth Size Chart

S 3' 4" - 3' 8" 4 - 6
M 3' 9" - 4' 3" 7 - 9
L 4' 4" - 4' 8" 10 - 12
Nike Protegga Shield Guard - Chrome

Protegga Shin Guards by Nike

Leg protection is an important piece of equipment for your game; without it, you could be sitting on the sidelines with an injury. Keep yourself safe with sturdy shin guards like these from Nike, which are ideal for defensive players. Shop now at soccerloco to lock in excellent savings on a pair of Protegga Shin Guards by Nike that will protect your legs the next time you hit the field.

Rigid plates of polypropylene deflect impacts to your legs to help prevent injury when you’re right in the middle of the action. The design of the guards allows for easy ventilation, keeping your legs feeling as cool as possible. Backing the shells, thick and soft EVA foam absorbs force and softens the blows so you can keep on running after a tough strike on your shin. Removable ankle guards provide extra protection when you think you’ll need it. Straps made from nylon and polyester stretch tightly to hold the guards firmly in place throughout the game so you don’t have to deal with adjusting them while you play. Make sure to get your Nike Protegga Shield Guards from soccerloco today so you can play with the security and confidence to know you’ll be able to stop your opponents.


  • Polypropylene shells
  • EVA foam padding
  • Polyester and nylon straps
  • Detachable ankle guards

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