Nike Premier Team NFHS Soccer Ball - White/Gold


Premier Team NFHS Ball by Nike

Practice with match like conditions using this NFHS approved soccer ball. Meeting the standards set by the National Federation of State High School Associations, this quality soccer ball is built by Nike for competitive play. Shop now at soccerloco to score a great deal on a Premier Team NFHS Ball by Nike and rest easy knowing you’ve got a quality ball great for both play and practice.

This ball’s polyurethane panels are durable enough to last you all season long. A graphic on the casing uses geometric shapes to grab your peripheral vision then engage your central vision for easier tracking through the air. The panels are hand-stitched together in the traditional 32-panel construction for quality shape. Geo Balanced technology helps the ball maintain a spherical shape for excellent straight flight through the air and more accurate shots. The 6-wing latex bladder inside gives the ball a solid bounce and provides excellent air retention so you spend less time prepping at the field and more time playing. Get a Nike Premier Team NFHS Soccer Ball today from soccerloco, your premier online destination for the best soccer equipment, apparel, cleats and more at the lowest prices anywhere on the web.


  • PU casing
  • Hand-stitched seams
  • 6-wing latex bladder
  • Geo Balanced technology