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Nike Ordem 2 Copa America Match Ball


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Messi, Neymar, Agüero and Rodriguez will play with the best ball in the world this summer, and now so can you with the new Ordem 2 Copa America by Nike.

Soccer Ball Size Chart

Product label Circumference
1 (Mini) 15.7 - 16.3"
2 (Midi) 19.6 - 20.3"
3 23.2 - 23.8"
4 (FIFA Inspected) 25 - 26"
5 (FIFA Approved) 27 - 27.4"
5 (FIFA Inspected) 26.8 - 27.6"

Choose the Right Size

Choosing the best ball size depends on your age and the ball's purpose. Choose ball size 3 or 4 for chidlren and youth under age 13. Ball size 5 is the full-size standard for amateaur, pro and international play.

Nike Ordem 2 Copa America Match Ball

Ordem 2 Copa America by Nike

Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero, Neymar Jr. and James Rodriguez are just a few of the world-class players who will represent their countries this summer at the 2015 Copa América. The best players on the planet deserve to play with the best ball on the planet, so that’s why CONMEBOL will use the Nike Ordem 2. This is the same ball used in the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A, but it features a super attractive and distinctly South American graphic and color design. Shop soccerloco today so you too can play with the best ball in the world when you get the Ordem 2 Copa America soccer ball by Nike.

Nike used the latest innovations in true flight technology to engineer this state-of-the-art official match ball. This ball was constructed with Nike Aerotrac grooves and micro-textured casing to deliver accurate flight, aerodynamic superiority and maximum stability while in the air. The casing is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) – it’s a fuse-welded, three-layer synthetic leather that provides a supremely soft touch and response. When you feel this ball at your feet, it’s simply a different experience and allows you to dribble, pass and shoot with so much more accuracy. With a restricted six-wing carbon-latex bladder, this official Copa America match ball offers supernatural responsiveness when struck as well as an incredible bounce and rebound. And not only is this ball world-class in performance, but it also offers a world-class graphic design. It features unique Nike RaDaR technology to create a flicker effect that leads to increased visibility. The white ball also features colorful high-contrast graphics that increase visibility, with a super attractive red, black and blue design that calls to mind the native tribes of South America. Messi, Neymar, Agüero and Rodriguez will play with the best ball in the world this summer and now so can you with the new Nike Ordem 2 Copa America from soccerloco, the leading online seller of all things international soccer.


  • 40% synthetic leather, 30% rubber, 20% polyester, 10% cotton
  • Fuse-welded synthetic leather TPU casing
  • Nike Aerotrac grooves & micro-texture technology
  • Six-wing carbon latex bladder
  • Nike RaDaR technology & high-contrast graphic design
  • Two-year stitch and shape guarantee

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