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Nike NIKE5 Rolinho Clube - White/Pink Flash


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Soccer Ball Size Chart

Product label Circumference
1 (Mini) 15.7 - 16.3"
2 (Midi) 19.6 - 20.3"
3 23.2 - 23.8"
4 (FIFA Inspected) 25 - 26"
5 (FIFA Approved) 27 - 27.4"
5 (FIFA Inspected) 26.8 - 27.6"

Choose the Right Size

Choosing the best ball size depends on your age and the ball's purpose. Choose ball size 3 or 4 for chidlren and youth under age 13. Ball size 5 is the full-size standard for amateaur, pro and international play.

Nike NIKE5 Rolinho Clube - White/Pink Flash

Nike NIKE5 Rolinho Clube - White

What qualities does your ideal indoor soccer ball have? Is it a moderately heavy ball with a low bounce? Does it have a small form factor? Will it be something you can rely on for indoor games years from now? If these qualities sound like the qualities of the Futsal ball you’re after, you should consider the NIKE5 Rolinho Clube Soccer Ball for your next indoor ball. This ball was designed for the hard surfaces of indoor courts, so it’s tough and bounces very little so you can maintain control even up against the wall. The small size of Futsal balls promotes better ball handling skills. Stitched of high quality, durable PVC panels and featuring a 2-year stitch and shape warranty, the NIKE5 Rolinho will last you a long time.

The Nike designers engineered the NIKE5 Rolinho Clube Futsal Ball to be just what an excellent indoor ball should be: tough and easy to control. The exterior of the ball consists of durable PVC panels machine stitched together in the classic 32-panel style. The butyl bladder inside is constructed of a flexible rubber which resists rebounding in a form meant to increase air retention so your ball is always ready to hit the court at a moment’s notice. This Futsal ball is white with black Nike branding and graphics detailing a pink/grey geometric design.

The features of the NIKE5 Rolinho Clube Soccer Ball:

  • Official Futsal size
  • 2-year warranty on shape and stitching from Nike
  • Low rebound butyl bladder
  • Ships deflated

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