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Nike CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball - Navy


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Nike CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball - Navy

CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball by Nike

Cristiano Ronaldo’s skills on the field have made him a versatile player capable of changing the outcome of games. Let yourself be inspired by the soccer star every time you look at the new style Ronaldo and Nike have included in the CR7 Prestige soccer ball. The new dark aesthetic is sleek and attractive while the ball is made to the same standards as the prestige balls that have preceded it. Shop at soccerloco today and hone in your skills like Ronaldo with this precision-crafted ball that’s sure to elevate your game to the next level.

The latest additions to Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal line of Nike soccer equipment feature a bold yet dark new visual. The new dark graphic resembles the blackness of space filled with stars and covers the outer casing of the ball, which utilizes 32 polyurethane panels machine-stitched into the traditional pattern of interlocking hexagons and pentagons. Inside the ball, a reinforced rubber bladder resists air loss and provides the high bounce you need to make your shots soar through the air. Nike designed the CR7 Prestige soccer ball to last you for seasons and included a 2-year warranty protecting the stitching and shape. Get yours now from soccerloco and you’ll definitely draw gazes from onlookers admiring the striking dark ball as you rocket it down the field.


  • Machine-stitched polyurethane casing
  • Reinforced rubber bladder
  • Traditional 32-panel design
  • 2-year stitch and shape manufacturer warranty

Customer Reviews

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