Team Room Help

Welcome to the soccerlco Team Room help page. The information below will walk you through the process of creating an account and logging in to shop club apparel items from the kit builder. While this help page should answer most of your questions, our Customer Service team is always available to help by phone (858-430-0476) or email at

Creating an Account

In order to shop club apparel and receive your discounted club pricing, you must create an account on our site. When creating your user account, you will be asked to enter your "member club code" which allows us to link your account to your respective club. Each time you come back to shop, make sure you log in to your account.

Instructions to create your account:

  1. Hover over Log In in the top right of the screen and click Sign Up under "Don't have an account yet?"
  2. Fill in your first name, last name, email address, club code and a password.
    Your club code is available on the information card you may have received by email or at your club registration.
    If you don't have this code, please contact your team manager or call soccerloco Customer Service.
  3. Click Submit to create your account.
  4. When the page reloads, you will be logged into your account and taken to the player profile setup page.

Setting Up Your Player Profile

The soccerloco Team Room uses the concept of player profiles. Before you can begin ordering team items, you must setup a profile with your player name and number that will be used to customize appropriate items. 

  • Families with two or more players at the SAME club:
    A player profile needs to be created for each child to ensure name and number customizations are applied correctly. The easiest way to shop is by creating the first child's profile and adding all kit items to the cart before creating the second child's profile and doing the same.
  • Families with two or more players at DIFFERENT clubs:
    Due to differences in styles and pricing between clubs, orders for different clubs must be placed as separate transactions. Create your first child's profile, add necessary items to your cart and checkout. Once the first order is complete, return to the Team Room and click the link in the yellow bar at the top that says "Want to shop another club?". From here add the club code for the second child and repeat the kit ordering process you just completed for the first child.
    Shop Another Club

Instructions on setting up a new player profile:

  1. If you've just created a new soccerloco account, you should already be on the page to select your group. If you're already on the Team Room overview page, click the Create New Player Kit button.
  2. Select your club group (ex. Boys, Girls, Boys U8-U14, etc.) and click Continue. Make sure to choose the correct group as this determines what products you are shown later on in the kit builder.
  3. Enter your player's first name, last name and player number and sizes before clicking Continue. Please note the size selections are not final and can be changed when adding items to your cart. This simply helps to quicken the shopping process by pre-selecting your size on items.
    Customize Player Details 
  4. Double check your player details and tick the checkboxes to confirm you've acknowledged the team room ordering policies before clicking the This Player Info is Correct button.
     Confirm Player Details

Shopping Team Apparel in the Kit Builder

After you've selected your team group, created your player profile and confirmed your player details, it's time to add items to your cart. The appropriate products for the group you selected during your profile setup will be organized into categories such as game day, training, outerwear, fan gear, etc.

Within each section select the quantity you wish to purchase on each item before clicking the Add to Cart & Continue button at the top or bottom. If you don't want any items from a specific section, simply leave the quantities at zero and click the Continue button at the top or bottom. As you continue through each category, the items you selected will be added to your shopping cart in the top right.

Kit Builder Categories

Once you've made your way through all the categories for your group, you will receive a success message asking what you'd like to do next. You can either create another player kit, continue shopping retail items or view your order and checkout.

Kit Builder Success