Reusch Ultimos Goalkeeper Pant - Black


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Reusch Ultimos Goalkeeper Pant - Black

Reusch Ultimos Soccer Goalie Pants

It’s cold and raining and the turf is slick. On the field, one of your midfielders slips, opening up a lane for an attacker to charge straight to the goal, where you stand at the ready. Your opponent is fast and fires a quick low shot towards the right corner. You dive for the save almost on instinct, grabbing the ball and jumping up unscathed to clear it to your now open midfielder. If you had been wearing anything other than Reusch Ultimos Goalkeeper Pants, you would likely have some very painful bruises to show for your efforts and may have missed your opportunity for an excellent clear.

The pants you see here are top of the line in protection. The Ultimos goalie pants by Reusch feature extra-long, sculpted padding on the hips to give the best in both protection and range of motion. The pads on the knees extend from the inseam to the outseam on both legs for maximum coverage. An elastic waistband keeps the pants fitted securely around your waist, eliminating the unnecessary distraction of having to constantly adjust them. Mesh panels on the back of the pants, over the calf, and just below the waistband provide excellent ventilation and remove excess heat to make sure you stay cool when the heat is on.

Features of Ultimos Goalkeeper Pant:

  • Extra-long, sculpted padding
  • Breathable mesh paneling
  • 70/30 polyester cotton blend
  • Elastic waist

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