Puma PWR-CAT 1.10 Statement Ball


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Puma PWR-CAT 1.10 Statement Ball

Puma PWR-CAT 1.10 Statement Soccer Ball

The PowerCat 1.10 soccer ball is a top competition ball used by Club, National teams and Leagues playing at the highest international level. For the first time PUMA s history, this ball is not handstiched, but HIGH FREQUENCY moulded, which gives the ball a lot of technical advantages like form stability and less water upate. With the unique TWIN-LAYER polyurethane foam behind the outer PU casing this ball provides additional shooting power and softness to retain the normal handling capabilities but improve the speed of the ball. The unique 20 panel construction reduces the amount of seams and creates bigger individual panels for a softer touch and better ball control. The slightly wider seams improve the air flow around the ball, which also increase the shooting speed as well as flight distance due to less drag behind the ball when traveling through the air. The ball can be used in all weather conditions and the special transparent PU coating guarantee. A six wing natural latex bladder in combination with PUMA AIR LOCK valve and the PERIMETER BALANCE TECHNOLOGY further enahnces the balls superb flight and shooting characteristics. The ball is FIFA APPROVED which guarantees that the ball is of the highest standard. soccerloco™ offers the best deals on soccer equipment. Take home the Puma PWR-CAT 1.10 soccer ball today!

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