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Nike Maxim Soccer Ball - White

Nike Maxim Soccer Ball - White


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Nike Maxim Soccer Ball - White

Nike Maxim Soccer Ball

Perfection is tough to achieve but Nike really did their homework on this one. Introducing the top ball for all the world's most prestigeous league matches, the Nike Maxim Soccer Ball in white. When so much technology and engineering goes into one soccer ball, it's tough to imagine anything less. After reading the long list of design elements and engineering technology behind this Premium Soccer Ball, you'll see why Nike continues to lead the way.

Nike Maxim Soccer Ball Design

The new premium collection of soccer balls from Nike was lab and field tested for maximum RaDaR, which stands for Rapid Decision & Response for optimal visual performance to help players see the ball better. This enables players to make quicker decisions on the pitch and improve the pace of the game. The micro-textured casing is a great improvement on ball control, as it distributes air flow over the cover more evenly. Geometric precision optimizes pressure distribution across all panels to make each and every strike fly straighter and crisper.

Nike Maxim Soccer Ball Features

Nike Maxim Balls are built in the tradition of superior control, accuracy, and touch that has kept them at the front of the pack when it comes to soccer equipment. A 360 degree sweet-spot offers a responsive touch every time. A nitrogen expanded foam means cleaner more accurate strikes. The six-wing carbon latext air chamber maintains shape and perfect roundness, preserves a true flight and lengthens the life of the ball significantly.

FIFA Approved

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