Nike LFP Incyte Soccer Ball - White/Turquoise


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Soccer Ball Size Chart

Product label Circumference
1 (Mini) 15.7 - 16.3"
2 (Midi) 19.6 - 20.3"
3 23.2 - 23.8"
4 (FIFA Inspected) 25 - 26"
5 (FIFA Approved) 27 - 27.4"
5 (FIFA Inspected) 26.8 - 27.6"

Choose the Right Size

Choosing the best ball size depends on your age and the ball's purpose. Choose ball size 3 or 4 for chidlren and youth under age 13. Ball size 5 is the full-size standard for amateaur, pro and international play.

Nike LFP Incyte Soccer Ball - White/Turquoise

La Liga Incyte Soccer Ball by Nike

Trusted by the best soccer leagues in the world, the Nike Inctye soccer ball is as good as it gets. This La Liga customized version of the Incyte ball features a unique color scheme and is used in every match played in the Spanish League. Whether you play competitively or just for fun, this soccer ball will give you the same performance Messi and Ronaldo get in La Liga.

Nike, with their proven history of excellence regarding the quality of their products, has created a first-rate soccer ball paying tribute to Spain’s top-tier soccer league ‒ La Liga. The outer layer of the ball is made of a compressed layer of polyethylene over a polyester support fabric and arranged in a modified 32-panel configuration that is more spherical than a traditional ball for faster and further flight that is on-target. The layer of polyethylene recycles the energy you impart on the ball when you kick it and throws it back into the launch for wicked shots on goal. Visually tracking the ball as it darts across the field is a breeze thanks to Nike’s innovative graphics that easily catch your peripheral vision and quickly engage your central vision, subconsciously snapping your eyes right to the ball. Get yourself a La Liga Incyte soccer ball by Nike now from soccerloco and it very well could be the last ball you ever want.


  • Carbon-latex bladder
  • Nitrogen-expanded foam
  • Polyester and compressed polyethylene outer
  • 2-year stitch and shape warranty from manufacturer
  • Ships deflated

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