Diadora Jr Furia MD - Black Sizes: 8-13.5


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Diadora Jr Furia MD - Black Sizes: 8-13.5

Diadora Jr Furia MD Sizes - Black

For kids that are serious about learning to play like the professionals, only the best equipment will do.  The Diadora Jr. Furia MD soccer cleats are best for entry level players that are working on basic skills. They provide maximum comfort at an affordable price. The partially hidden laces create a more uniform surface and will help kid's have more accuracy with passes and shots on goal.  

These Diadoras feature soft cotton lining for added comfort, as well as, MD rubber outsole with 14 studs that will reduce pressure on the young player's feet.  Additionally, the studs are placed a little wider apart, so that kid's will have better stability as they run around the field.

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