Diadora Evoluzione Shin Guard - White/Fluo Orange


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Diadora Evoluzione Shin Guard - White/Fluo Orange

Evoluzione Shin Guard by Diadora

Protect yourself from blows to the leg in the Evoluzione soccer shin guards from Diadtora. Perfect for keeping you from potential injury, these shin guards make sure you’re protected when you step into challenges across throughout training and match play. Tough shields and soft backings provide safety and comfort needed for you to confidently control the game. Save today at soccerloco when you shop for a pair of Evoluzione Shin Guards by Diadora.

Protect your legs with sturdy polypropylene shields that deflect the force of potential hazards and are anatomically shaped to fit each leg and stay in place with sliding or shifting. Soft EVA foam backs each shield to absorb and dampen impacts so you are defended against the cleats and other legs that threaten the health and safety of your shins. Compression sleeves included with the guards hold them snugly to your legs while promoting healthy circulation so they neither stick out to trip you up nor slide and twist out of place and distractingly bounce around out of place. Diadora added a sharp graphic in orange and black that alludes to stopping power of the guards. Get yourself a pair of Diadora Evoluzione shin guards from soccerloco today and fell safe and secure on the field.


  • Polypropylene shell
  • EVA foam backing
  • Included compression sleeve


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