World Cup Champs do The Simpsons

Springfield might have received the news of the World Cup Champs a little late, but The Simpsons are now aware of Spain‘s first World Cup victory. The question on everyone’s mind now is whether Matt Groening, the series’ creator, actually made this drawing.

But then again, whether he drew it or not is just one of the few arguments we could ponder. We could, for example, argue that Casillas would even be unrecognizable to his reporter girlfriend were he not wearing that goalie shirt or that Puyol, Xavi and Pique are identical to their real life counterparts. We could argue that Fernando Torres looks more like Bart in his mid 20′s than anything else or that Xabi Alonso and Iniesta must have lost a bet or something based on their less than appealing cartoon version. But, ignoring the oddities or even that Del Bosque himself was left out, such a memorable caricature has touched the hearts of the Spaniards, adding yet another award to their trophy case.

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