Sore Loser Ronaldo Spits at Camera after Loss to Spain…

Ronaldo Spits at Camera
While adored by seemingly every female on earth (maybe even other planets as well?), Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t winning over many new fans with his poor sport attitude. Now it’s understandable that he has tantrums once in a while on the field after repeatedly being roughed up by opposing players, but spitting at the camera following a loss might be crossing the line.Following his Portugal sides 1-0 loss to Spain yesterday, Ronaldo looked directly into the camera and spit, showing his obvious displeasure with being eliminated from the World Cup yet again. (Click the image above to see it on YouTube)

In all fairness it was a very frustrating night and tournament overall for Ronaldo. Portugal was clearly outplayed on the night, and besides their 7-0 drubbing of lowly North Korea, the Portuguese failed to score in any of their other three games. All too often Ronaldo seemed to get lost up front as the lone ranger trying to force the action while being severely outnumbered. Following the match , Ronaldo told reporters to “talk to Carlos Queiroz” about Portugal’s elimination from the World Cup. OH SNAP!

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