FIFA to Finally Give in On Technology Says Blatter…

FIFA Referees Might Get Replay Help

In some refreshing news from the all powerful governing body of soccer, FIFA President Sepp Blatter has finally admitted the atrocious refereeing mistakes made at this World Cup are unacceptable and that something must be done to correct it in the future.

After apologizing the fans of England and Mexico, who’s World Cups were ended by shocking refereeing decisions, Blatter said FIFA hates to¬† ” see the evidence of of refereeing mistakes” and it would be “a nonsense” not to consider changes moving forward. He continued on to say, “after having witnessed such a situation, we have to open again this file, definitely.”

According to Blatter, the matter will be discussed at a meeting of the International Football Association in July. It would make sense that FIFA has began to soften their stance on the issue as FIFPro, the group which represents pro players worldwide, has condemned the wrong doings and asked that referees get access to high-tech assistance.

“The entire football world once again reacted with disbelief to FIFA’s stubborn insistence that technology does not belong in football,” FIFPro said. “The credibility of the sport is at stake.”

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