Serie A starts off with some studs to the face

Felipe Melo has done it again. The 27 year old Brazilian is known for his fiery character and violent conduct, the most famous being during the 2010 World Cup  where his stomp on Arjen Robben got him a straight red card as his team lost 2-1.

Serie A returned from its winter break today to watch Juventus lose 4-1 to Parma and to see the always unpredictable Felipe Melo. Just 16 minutes into the game, Melo kicked Parma midfielder Massimo Paci in the face and then shamefully attempted to persuade the referee that he didn’t deserve the red card.

Makes you wonder if Melo is slowly becoming the new De Jong. If you had a choice, would you want to be De Jong’ed or Melo’ed?

Watch the clip and decide.

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