Season Defining Matches Ahead For Manchester City

Manchester City have become a proud club.  Their foreign owners, AKA daddies, have invested a multitude of their fortunes into the Blue clad section of Manchester.  They have run the club an annual debt of over $300 million to restore order in their town.  Fancy foreign men from far off lands grace the sidelines of their stands, and the grass field in their stadium.

Everything has gone to plan.  Countless teams have crumbled in their mighty presence, Tottenham away (5-1), United away (6-1).  Not one team in England has managed to beat them.  Champions’ League play has been unspectacular, with losses to Bayern Munich and Napoli, but they still have a chance of progressing to the knockout rounds.  Besides, they’re not used to the Champions League.  It is only their first year in the tournament and their focus should be towards the Premier League crown.

The coming weeks ahead are daunting.  A quick read of the fixtures ahead shows 5 major matches of their next 6.  First is a trip to Anfield, followed by a date with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in the Carling Cup.  A home match to Norwich should provide some rest.  Manchester City next faces an all or nothing Champions League match with Bayern Munich, a tangle at Stamford Bridge, and a grand finale  Premier League home fixture vs. Arsenal.

The matches will take place in a frantic 2 match per week schedule and will be over by Dec. 18th, leaving you plenty of time to pick up a fresh new David Silva jersey to place under the tree.  Or better yet, grab that jersey you already bought, wrap on your blue and white scarf, and cling on for dear life…If Manchester City stumbles here their entire season is in jeopardy.

With a 5 point cushion atop the table, they can barely afford to slip up, and would let everybody well back in the race.  Teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool lie 12 points behind Manchester City.  A rough run of form could leave these teams a mere 3 points behind the current leaders.  With roughly half the season left, the race could truly be on.

It will be difficult going, up in the cold reaches of England.  Darkness will prevail overhead, the bright lights, the cold breeze, and the weird spots on everyone’s chests.  Winter is upon us and this will make even harder going for the new faces in the side, who are used to the mild winter climates of La Liga and Serie A.

This is the time to be the big boys.  This is the time for Manchester City to prove all the doubters wrong.  And this will be the time they falter and break.  Points will be lost, children will cry, and men will stare in disbelief.  Manchester City faces their toughest weeks ahead and will be tested greatly.  Enjoy!

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