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Another successful Cup! With beautiful weather, thousands of spectators, hundreds of scouts from colleges all over the nation, the soccerloco Surf College Cup hosted several of the most competitive U16-U18 teams from across the world. We’ve put together a recap with some highlights from the action-packed weekend.


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There were 144 teams that battled it out across eleven divisions for championship titles, making for an extremely competitive three days at the San Diego Polo Club. With each of the competing teams loaded with talent, the 2013 soccerloco Surf College Cup truly was a display of the “Best of the Best”. The Surf Cup organization has become renowned for putting on the most competitive soccer tournaments in the nation, so winning a championship like this is considered to be a pinnacle achievement for players and clubs alike.


This year, Legends FC took home the first place trophy in the girls U18 Super division with a 2-0 win over Beach FC. The Legends fought hard as the wildcard semi-finals, where they advanced to the finals along with Beach FC. In the championship match, both teams made a hard push for the win, but Legends ultimately came out on top with a 2-0 victory. We were able to catch up with the team’s coach, Jim Wain, directly after the final game to hear what he had to say about his team’s efforts. “It’s fantastic,” says Wain. “Coming into this tournament as an under 18 team, we knew this was our last shot at winning.” He also noted that the girls have worked extremely hard throughout the season, but what really makes the team so successful is that above anything else, the girls enjoy playing with each other.

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Santa Clara Sporting 95 Green took home the winning title in the boys U18 Super division with a 2-0 win over Sacramento United. This team has been coming to Surf Cup every year since U10, and has been a finalist, semi-finalist and quarter-finalist, but this was their first win. We caught up with the team’s coach, Demitri Cacoyannis, to find out what this win meant to him and his players. “To be champions at our final attempt before aging out next summer is especially satisfying and makes me proud to be the coach of such a talented and hard working group,” says Cacoyannis. “Winning the soccerloco Surf College Cup caps a great 2013 for the boys.” Cacoyannis also mentioned that the boys are receiving a lot of attention from college coaches, and that this win verifies that the boys can compete at a high level against top players and teams. Santa Clara Sporting was the only club to have more than one team take home first place jackets, as the girls U16 Gold team Sporting 97g White also beat out their division.

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For a quick view of the top-placing teams in each of the eleven divisions, check out the table below. A complete breakdown of tournament results can be found here.



College Prospecting

We were lucky enough to chat with some of the college scouts in attendance about why they enjoy coming to the soccerloco Surf College Cup. Assistant Coaches Dan Chamberlin from the University of San Francisco and John Delano from Harvard came down to sunny San Diego to scout out the wide selection of talented players. Chamberlin mentioned that one of the biggest benefits of the soccerloco Surf College cup is having so many good teams all in one location. Scouts like Chamberlin and Delano come to the tournament knowing that they’ll have a chance to see players they’ve been keeping an eye on, but also look forward to discovering new players that they haven’t yet had a chance to see. Both coaches said that they typically look for players that showcase athleticism, skill, mentality and in some cases, high GPAs.

The players on the winning teams of the soccerloco Surf College Cup typically receive a lot of attention from scouts following the tournament due to the prestige associated with earning the championship title.  As we mentioned in our official preview post, it’s estimated that about 70% of girls and 30% of boys receive an offer after the tournament. With roughly 500 scouts that attended this year, it’s easy to see why this tournament has become one of the most popular and highly competitive in the nation.


Until next time!

We’re proud of all the teams that came out to compete in the 2013 soccerloco Surf College Cup and look forward to putting on another successful event next year! If you’d like to browse the tournament swag, check out soccerloco’s online store here!

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Additional Photos:

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U16 Gold winners: Santa Clara Sporting 97G White

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Boys U17 Super winners: Sparta United Premier MD

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