Portugal takes down Spain

This was definitely a David and Goliath moment. Portugal’s 4-0 win over big, bad Spain wasn’t the game that fans were expecting. With Spain holding the 2010 World Cup title, it was thought that they would be the ones to dominate the match. What makes it even worse for the soccer giants is that the score should have been much higher.

The video shows Cristiano Ronaldo making his way to Spain’s goal, quickly stopping and pulling back the ball making the deffender slide away from him and perfectly chipping the ball over the keeper. The whole play was perfect. That is until Nani decided to put his head on the goal-bound ball. Even though the ball looked as if it was passed the goal line already, the ref on the sidelines called Nani offsides stripping Portugal of the goal. Whether it would have counted or not, Ronaldo had a pretty goal stolen from him.

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