Magic Soccer Cream?

Horse Placenta CreamReading the title of this post you must be laughing, I must admit I would be too. There is no denying that soccer is a grueling game that takes its toll on the body, but all too often the whining and crying of professionals around the world has led to a jaded view that pro soccer players are a bit “soft”.

Being a life long soccer player and fan, I have always been astonished by the “magical spray” that team trainers use with amazing effect. It blows my mind to see a grown man drop to the turf like a sack of potatoes screaming for bloody mercy after a standard tackle, only to be zipping around the pitch at full speed moments after getting a dose of the mystery spray. Not only is it the initial reaction to the challenge as they lay on the ground forcing play to be stopped, but the nerve they have to sit there seemingly wincing in pain as they trainers work on them. Then, boom, just like that they are rearing to go at the next dead ball.

That being said, what are the fantastic ingredients in this miracle spray and where can I get some? Well, the answer to that question I don’t know and actually that spray isn’t the topic of this piece, however it does tie into some recently news coming out of professional soccer.

Over the last few weeks another type of magical treatment for soccer injuries has emerged. Currently all the rage in the English Premier League, a Belgrade clinic run by physiotherapist Mariana Kovacevic seems to be magically curing injuries from strained hamstrings and torn groins, to ruptured ankle ligaments and just about anything else you can think of. Netherlands Robin Van Persie Injured Ankle

The unconventional treatment involves massaging a horse placenta fluid into the injured tissue. Just last week, Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie decided he would give it a try after a nasty collision in an international friendly left his ankle in tatters. Since then several clubs including Manchester City and Liverpool have sent several players to receive the treatment.

Whether pure magic or just good fortune and positive thinking, four Liverpool players who were thought to be sidelined close to a month have all returned to full training just days after receiving the placenta treatment.

I know this whole thing sounds quite comical, until you sit back and begin to think about how the heck these players are all the sudden good to play. Is it possible that some random therapist in Belgrade has magically healing power? If so, how has the world not caught on to this?

Although the results seem to speak for themselves, I still am a bit skeptical with whole bandwagon effect of every player all the sudden jumping behind this “revolutionary treatment”.

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