Pelé at 70

It’s a special week for Brazilian legend Edison Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé. The former New York Cosmos attacker turns 70 this week, although there is some speculation as to whether he was born on the 21st or the 23rd.  Nonetheless, Pelé is known to many soccer fans as the best player in the world for his impressive skills and outright charisma.

Now reaching his 70′s, Pelé has taken on a new task.  Appointed honorary president, Pelé has the job of reviving the New York Cosmos to what it was in the 1970′s when he starred on the field, America’s greatest soccer club. With the rebirth of the club that gave him so much, Pelé has hopes of giving back, “I am very happy to be involved with The New York Cosmos again. I have the opportunity to come back and work to revive the Cosmos and promote football in the United States. Now, I want to see my dreams come true of kids learning football in the right way.”

After his final career match in 1977 at the old Giants Stadium, in a speech given to more than 75,000 fans, Pelé urged his audience to pay attention to the youth of the world. Today, 33 years later, Pelé reinforces that message and will provide an opportunity for their dreams to be fulfilled.

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