Paul the Octopus (2008-2010)

Paul the Octopus has died.  He was just two years old.

The eight tentacle oracle gained his fame early in Euro Cup 2008 predicting four out of Germany’s six matches.  During this summers World Cup in South Africa, he became a world wide sensation by predicting all of Germany’s group results as well as the Netherlands vs. Spain final.

As a young and famous octopus, he received a lot of love yet faced much scrutiny from fans world wide.  His method of picking mussels was quickly criticized and speculation rose around his technique, accusing him of cheating.  He even received threats from countless upset fans when his predictions proved to be correct. Countless Facebook statuses popped up around the world, cursing his name and calling him sushi or even tomorrow’s dinner. His predictions were not the only aspect of his life that troubled him. His nationality was also in question, with three countries fighting to call Paul theirs. Was he German? English? Italian? The world may never know.

With fame’s ups and downs, Paul the Octopus retired soon after Spain raised the trophy for the first time. But before doing so, he chose to give back. With the donations he received from gracious fans around the world and the help of his agent, Paul was able to help establish a permanent sea turtle rescue center in the Greek island of Zakynthos.

RIP Paul the Octopus. You will be missed.

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