It’s Official, Cesc Fábregas is with Barca now


Well that time has finally come, Cesc Fábregas is now playing with F.C.Barcelona as a center midfielder.  The result of a deal worth over €34 million.  “I’ve waited many days, many months, and many years for this moment. For me it’s a very special day. I’ve come home after eight years away” said Fabregas.

The Guardian reported

The deal is worth €29m (£25.5m), to be paid by Barcelona in two installments, plus €5m (£4.4m) in bonuses dependent on the club’s success and another €5m to be paid by Fábregas to Arsenal, €1m for each year of his new contract. 

Fábregas began his career with the Barcelona club, playing on youth squads, but at only 16 years old, he left for England to play with Arsenal.  Fábregas seems elated to leave the role of captain for the opportunity to play on the best team in the world and return to his home in Spain.

Speaking at a press conference, he said: “For me it’s a special day. I’m returning home. I know that the Arsenal fans will be disappointed with my exit from the club, but I’m here to face an incredible challenge, the challenge of my life.” He also thanked Thiago Alcantara who has given up the number 4 shirt for him.

With an already star-studded team, the question on everyone’s mind is, where will Fábregas fit into the equation? How much will he play?  Will he be happy going from front man, captain of Arsenal, playing 90 minutes to riding the pine a little?

He assured the public that he is prepared to take on any role that is given to him at Barcelona.  But maybe no one told him that his role might be to get Puyol, Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi water.  He believes that he has chosen the ‘more difficult path’ and that this transfer will be ‘the greatest challenge of his life.’  But really, how challenging is a move to the team that already wins everything?

All in all, he is happy to be home, we are happy for him, we are also happy to be getting some Fábregas #4 Barcelona Jerseys soon, and everyone is happy….except Arsenal of course.

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