Nigeria's President Not Happy with World Cup Performance, Suspends National Team for 2 years

Sani Kaita Red Card against Greece

While it was obvious that Nigeria’s National Soccer Team, also known as the Super Eagles, didn’t have a World Cup for the ages, their run in South Africa was by no means a French-esque debacle. Nigeria ended the tournament with just one point following a draw with South Korea and losses to Argentina and Greece.

Things seemed to get off on the right foot with a very respectable 1-0 loss to Argentina and an early goal to go ahead in the first half against Greece. Unfortunately, things took a drastic turn for the worse as midfielder Sani Kaita thoughtlessly reacted to being provoked, with a stamp on a Greek players leg drawing a straight red card. Greece would score shortly after and then steal all three points later in the second half. Even after that terrible sequence of events, Nigeria still had a chance to advance with a win over South Korea, but repeatedly wasted brilliant opportunities to score easy goals.

If there was one person who might just have been the most disappointed fan of all, it’s the Nigerian President. He was so disappointed in fact that he has now suspended the Nigerian National Team from international competition for two years following their sub-par performance in South Africa! Really hard to believe if you think about it. How is your team supposed to improve if they can’t play together?

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