Mourinho’s ban a “medal”

Leave it to Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho to belittle UEFA. He called the two-match UEFA ban for improper conduct a medal rather than a punishment, saying he had been singled out for special treatment by the governing body. Mourinho’s ban was due to allegations that he had engineered a plan to deliberately get red cards for two of his players in a Champions League match.

During a news conference last week Mourinho told the crowd, “I see this punishment as a medal. I’m not going to change. My grandmother died a long time ago but I remember what she told me as a child.”

“If they are envious of you, you should be happy,’ and this has happened to me. I’m pleased there is one rule for Jose Mourinho and one for the other coaches. It’s a historic punishment for me. Following the line of my old grandmother, it’s a medal not a punishment”

“I can’t leave the technical area, others can. I can’t pick up a ball an adversary wants, others can. I can’t speak with the fourth official, others can. They are medals so, no worries.”

Rather than fume at the decision, the eccentric Portuguese coach has hailed the punishment and has once again gotten what he wanted rather than what he deserved.

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