Messi’s Missed Penalty

Yesterday’s Copa del Rey games were slightly amusing, but none were as surprising as Barcelona’s 3-1 defeat by Real Betis ending their 28 game unbeaten streak. Seemingly unprepared, Betis surprised Barcelona by scoring 2 goals in the first 7 minutes leaving them down for the rest of the game.

Adding insult to injury, their very own player of the year managed to miss a penalty in the 53rd minute. To be fair it, seems that Messi‘s right foot slipped, possibly explaining why the shot flew clearly over the goal, but still, Messi missed a penalty.

It’s strange to see Barcelona lose, especially to second division team. Granted the line-up was missing some of it’s starters and Barça was already set to advance to the next round thanks to their 5-0 win in the first leg. So, in essence, Betis’ Copa del Rey win over Barcelona was slightly meaningless.

Proof Messi might be human…

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