Mario and the Italian Mafia

Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli has increasingly become famous for the idiotic things he says and does. Last October he made headlines for driving into a woman’s prison near Milan ‘just to see what it was like’.  Before that, he angered his Inter fans by appearing on Italian TV in non other than arch rivals AC Milan jersey.

Mario Balotelli These days he has impressed the headlines with rumors of involvement with the Italian Mafia.

Anti-mafia investigators in Italy have summoned Balotelli to interview him over possible contacts he may have had with the Neapolitan mafia, the Camorra, last year. The investigators chose to contact Balotelli  after he was photographed in the company of a couple of known Camorra gangsters as he toured the Scampia district, one of the most deprived, violent and crime-ridden parts of Naples.

Some rumors say that he was only visiting that area of the city due to his love of the film Gomorrah, as he wanted to see some of the locations in which the film was set. Regardless of the allegations, he has remained oddly quiet, only stating that he is calm and that he had no idea who was touring him around the Scampia District.

Lucky for him, he is not the first footballer to have rumored involvement with the Italian Mafia. Diego Maradona was well-known for his allegedly close relationship with several Camorra godfathers during his time playing for Napoli in the 1980′s.

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