Mario Balotelli Set to Light Premier League a Flame

The young man knows how to set fires, as evidenced by his recent escapade involving fireworks and his home bathroom. Mario Balotelli also knows how to light up the scoreboard on the pitch. In Manchester City’s grand 6-1 thrashing of crosstown rivals United, the Italian netted two goals and also drew a foul that resulted in Jonny Evans’ sending off. Clearly he was the man of the match. Please bear in mind that this was probably one of the single greatest matches for any Manchester City fan in their whole history.

The blue side of Manchester has historically received the bulk of defeats in Manchester derbies over the years. The last time Manchester City finished in a higher league position than Manchester United, Mario Balotelli was not even born yet. But since the club was purchased by the infinitely wealthy Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his Abu Dhabi United Group in 2008, all is set to change.

In addition to the hundreds of millions of pounds invested into the club for the likes of Carlos Tevez, Samir Nasri, Eden Dzeko, and Yaya Toure, the team has also bought Balotelli. He was controversially shipped out from Inter Milan due to his immature and testy behavior which had resulted in taunts from the home fans and him responding by throwing the team jersey to the ground on the field.

His Manchester City career began questionably, as “Super Mario” has been repeatedly involved in negative headlines. He was chastised for throwing darts at youth players and was substituted out of a preseason match in America after he attempted and missed an audacious back heel on a simple tap in opportunity. The substitution was followed by a heated exchange of words with coach Roberto Mancini on the sidelines and it seemed as though his act hadn’t changed. Most importantly for the team however, is that he rarely made an impact last season, scoring only 6 goals for the club.

This year has told a different tale. He has already netted 5 goals and has drawn respectful remarks from teammate and goalkeeper Joe Hart, who has been impressed with Mario’s recent maturity. Hart claims that Balotelli now has the backing of the entire squad.

Since City has recently had to deal with the immaturity levels of another striker by the name of Carlos Tevez, who refused to enter a match and clearly wants out of Manchester, somehow Mario will now be counted on to take the team to the top. Balotelli has so far shown his worth and talent this year and was especially important in the Manchester derby. Blues fans have all the hope in the world that this is going to be their year. It may well be the case, but it will depend in large part on how well Mario Balotelli can control his head. This will be the first time in his career when he is achieving massive praise on a personal level. We all know what
absurdities he is capable of, and chances are, we will be sure to hear some more before the dust settles on his turbulent career.


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