Making a Difference with America SCORES and Kleats 4 Kids

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soccerloco’s Exciting Partnerships in 2014

As we gear-up to welcome in the new year, soccerloco is excited to announce our recent partnership with America SCORES and Kleats 4 Kids club, two inspiring non-profit soccer organizations that are making a difference in the lives of children all across the world by making it possible for them to play the game we all love. As with both of these organizations, our passion for soccer goes far beyond the field, and we are thrilled to have linked up to donate soccer gear and apparel to kids in need!

America SCORES

America SCORES is a nationwide organization that provides kids in inner-city neighborhoods with the chance to develop their skills both on the field and off by playing soccer and learning how to write poetry. With thirteen chapters, 150 schools, and over 8,000 kids, America SCORES has created a safe learning environment and playground where children can develop their literary and athletic skills that help build confidence and keep them out of trouble.

Earlier this year, soccerloco collaborated with the America SCORES Bay Area chapter to donate practice bibs and soccer gear to their teams to improve the quality of the kid’s practices. As any seasoned soccer player can attest, having the appropriate equipment is a crucial to running a successful practice, so we were very happy to hook them up with some gear.Redding Middle School SoccerLoco photo (300x225)

soccerloco President John Lococo was anxious to get involved with America SCORES soccer organization as a sponsor. “soccerloco is always looking to partner our brand with organizations like America SCORES that use soccer to create positive change,” says Lococo. “Knowing that we were able to help out and seeing the kids in our soccerloco training bibs is very rewarding.”

Linking up with Kleats 4 Kids

IMG_5495In addition to partnering with America SCORES, soccerloco has also become a supporting sponsor for a non-profit started by three high school students in Manhattan Beach, California called Kleats 4 Kids. Co-founders Hanna Watkins, Danielle Major, and Brooke Gleason started the Kleats 4 Kids club with the purpose of collecting donations of new or gently used soccer equipment and apparel from their community and distributing it to kids in need all over the world. So far, these students have donated to young soccer players in Uganda, Vietnam, and their own city of Los Angeles.

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Recently, soccerloco connected Kleats 4 Kids club with America SCORES Los Angeles, where they donated 65 pairs of cleats, 73 pairs of socks, and over 150 jerseys and shorts to several elementary and middle schools that are involved with the program. soccerloco is dedicated to fostering and expanding the relationship between these two amazing soccer organizations to bring kids the equipment they need to play soccer!

Looking forward to 2014

We are looking forward to everything to come in 2014 through our partnerships with these great organizations. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting involved with a great cause, especially when the cause is helping kids who share our passion for soccer. To learn more about America SCORES, visit their website here.

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