Juventus Cheerleaders on the Loose

Who would have ever thought cheerleaders would hit it big with Italian soccer, especially with le Zebre of all teams. Although a fixed attraction at every sporting event in the USA, cheerleaders in Europe have been nearly non existent, with the exception of the occasional lower division clubs wanting to fill more seats. Ironically, it seems that the idea of cheerleaders might do just the opposite.

While the debut of girls dancing around with pom poms in the stands attracted some commotion at the Stadio Olimpico, it received mixed reviews from the Juve faithful, believing it to be more of a distracting scheme than an attraction. Well it seems the fans might be right, Juventus‘ recent additions appear to be part of the newest marketing stint for the clubs shirt sponsor, BetClic. They have been posting a series of videos on their YouTube page individually introducing each girl, giving them their new kits and even showing them taking over the streets of Italy dancing and prancing around.

Whether their purpose is to fill more seats or get more people to bet, the idea appears to need a lot more work. Think they’ll make it in Italy? Judging by the fans reactions, I’m gunna go with no.

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