Soccer that is green as grass

Puma Finale King ECO

Last year at the 2010 World Cup the top nine teams were outfitted in Nike’s new green jerseys.  The innovative kits utilize green technology and turn discarded water bottles into fabric for uniforms.  The fabric is said to be lighter and more comfortable than uniforms in the past.   Recently Nike has been switching Premier teams over to the new jerseys, among the teams sporting the new jerseys are Inter Milan, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Celtic and soon many others.

Nike says the bottles used are collected in Japan and Taiwan and from there are manufactured into yarn and then fabric.  The process cuts energy use during the shirt manufacturing process by 30% and has diverted 13 million plastic water bottles from landfills. Surprisingly, the professionals decked out in the new Nike apparel love the feel of the eco-friendly jerseys.  Arsenal midfielder Theo Walcott praises the new uniform design, “The colors are very traditional, it feels nice and it’s made from recycled plastic bottles so what more can you ask for?”

Jumping on the green bandwagon is Reebok who later this year plans to make t-shirts from bottles they will collect from NFL and NHL games and sell to fans in those same arenas.

Additionally, Puma is extending its green initiatives to cleats and sports equipment.  Our latest Puma King Finale ECO i FG soccer shoe in Black Coffee boasts several sustainable qualities.  The design features sustainably sourced materials like the bio-based TPU outsole and recycled fabrics in the lining and laces. With the earth-friendliness of the design and the same top of the line quality that we’ve come to expect from Puma, the tree hugger in us couldn’t be happier.  Shop big savings on all Puma King Soccer Shoes today!

If you are a soccer fan and a greenie, like me, the new direction of  soccer equipment innovation has  got to get you excited.  Consider buying a new a club jersey like, the Nike Barcelona F.C. Jersey or a USA National Team Jersey, or get your own soccer team recycled plastic jerseys.  You will find our Nike Apparel on, the best place to buy your Soccer Gear and Apparel.

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