Ensure You Receive soccerloco Emails

With spammers and other email bad guys continuing to evolve their dirty tricks, email clients have developed more advanced auto-filtering to keep your inbox clean. While they do a good job of keeping the unwanted junk out, they sometimes incorrectly filter legitimate email that is important to you.

Whether it’s an order confirmation, newsletter, promotion or other type of email from soccerloco, we want to make sure it reaches your inbox. In order to make sure that happens, we’ve created this short guide that will walk you through verifying soccerloco as a “trusted sender”. While most instructions just involve adding us to your “Address book” or Safe senders list”, we’ve outlined the steps with visuals for some of most popular email clients.

Apple Mail (OS X and iOS devices)

Whether viewing a message in Apple Mail on a computer, tablet or iPhone, the process of adding a sender to your contacts is very similar. In all cases you will want to select the From, or Reply-to from within any email message and choose Add to VIPs or Add to Contacts.

Apple Mail on iOS:

  1. Click the blue sender name (soccerloco) at the top
  2. Select Add to VIPs from the pop up menu

Apple Mail Safe Sender Instructions

Outlook 20xx

First time receiving email from soccerloco:

When viewing the message, you should be presented with a colored alert at the top of the message starting with “Click here to download pictures…”. Click this message and select Add the Domain @soccerloco.com to Safe Senders List.

Message in reading pane:

  1. Right click the soccerloco [promos@soccerloco.com] from address beneath the subject line to reveal the options drop down
  2. Select Add to Outlook Contacts

Outlook Email Safe Sender Instructions

Message popped out:

  1. Click Safe Lists from the Junk E-Mail option in the top bar

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