Win a chance to play FIFA 11 with Wayne Rooney!

“Wayne is on the look-out for goal celebrations that show the fun and passion of the beautiful game. He wants to see you sit down if you love FIFA”

Used to all the media attention now, Wayne Rooney has become the face of Sit down if you love FIFA for EA Sports.  As part of this new campaign, Rooney has invited the UK to imitate the FIFA 11 celebrations on their park, pitch or playground. The catch is, the celebration has to be done sitting down.

With the grand prize of playing FIFA 11 with Rooney, you can bet that thousands of kids will be filling the parks imitating Rooney’s celebrations.

Although the competition is currently open to UK residents only, feel free to imitate FIFA 11 celebrations around San Diego.  Just don’t go around imitating Rooney’s love life.

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