When Man United and Chelsea Clash

Man United vs. Chelsea Clash

The Manchester United vs. Chelsea match always manages to be a spectacle. But this weeks league game was much more than that, with a couple of questionable calls and a lot of missed ones, Chelsea enjoyed an important win while the United faithful were left with a loss and a suspended captain.

David Luiz’s first goal in the Chelsea blue and Lampard’s penalty gave Chelsea the 2-1 win, but as usual, the referees left much to be desired. With two fouls missed (committed by the same Chelsea player), Fergie was left moaning over the loss. To be fair, the fouls David Luiz committed on Chicharito and Rooney were rash challenges leaving them both on the ground and the referee no more than 10 yards away.

Needless to say, the game left us with some memorable clips and a fascinating game, featuring Chicharito and Torres as starters and leaving Berbatov and Drogba on the bench (again).

In a random scanning of the Manchester United bench, the cameras managed to find a tender moment between Ryan Giggs and Dimitar Berbatov. Unaware of his obvious power over Giggsy, Berba managed to captivate the Welsh’s attention for a good ten seconds during the first half. Maybe Berba had some food on his face or something?

We were also able to see the now retired Gary Neville at Stamford Bridge cheering on the Red Devils, this time from the fans point of view. In a true fan moment, Neville got to experience the frustration you can only get from seeing Rooney miss a good opportunity in front of the goal.

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