Transfers Window Forces Last Minute Deals

Transfers pile up in final minutes of window

With the quickly closing transfer window, it was no surprise that several big names shifted clubs in the final hours. In an earlier post, we documented two of the biggest transfers of the summer, with Premier League golden boot recipient Robin van Persie moving to Man United, as well as the inevitable switch of Croatian star Luka Modric to Real Madrid.

But who could have guessed that nearly 100 transfers might transpire on Friday, August 31st alone? Not only was there a frenzy of last minute transfers, but several big names switched clubs that seemed a long time overdue. Take for example, Dimitar Berbatov, a promising Bulgarian striker who made home at Manchester United in 2008. Since then, fans have been let down either by his lack of progress or his lack of playtime, both drawing attention from the star-studded lineup of the Red Devils.

With the window closing only a few weeks into the season, many clubs are forced to make decisions without having a lot to go off. Chelsea, for example has had a spectacular start, coming off their UEFA Champions League title. Fernando Torres is right on par with fans expectations. Recent acquisitions Ivanovic and Hazard are clearly doing their job well. This success has led the Blues to release Essien on loan to Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, several big clubs have opted for a riskier, and typically pricier gamble in acquiring big names in the final hours of the window. American favorite Clint Dempsey secured a spot with his teammate Moussa Dembele to Tottenham Hotspur. There they will fill the gap left by Luka Modric, and with the help of new install Andre Villas-Boas, Spurs will look to improve on their impressive finish from last season.

Manchester City secured a Brazilian defender Maicon from Internazionale. There he will support the backfield for Carlos Tevez who is having an incredible start to his season while Sergio Aguero recovers from injury.

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