As trade deadline closes, most teams stay put

Manchester United strikers Wayne Rooney & Nani

Though a lot of anticipation culminated in the final days of January, most European clubs stayed put with their rosters for the remainder of the season, with little to no adjustments.

While January typically brings a lot of talk about big names and big transfers, somewhere around 5% of speculated deals actually follow through. Enjoy this brief wrap up on our three favorite European leagues.

English Premier League
The Premier League has been nothing but neck and neck between Manchester City and Manchester United. Finally, last night saw the defeat of Everton 1-0 City 1-0 and with a 2-0 victory over Stoke, United evened the standings with City at 54 points apiece.

United will hopefully start its striker duo of Wayne Rooney and Nani in the crucial matches to come versus Chelsea and Liverpool. Both sidelined in the last match due to injuries, Rooney and Nani can put United into a power position if they can get into a rhythm together.

Chelsea striker Fernando Torres has taken a while to warm up at Stamford Bridge. With 32 Premier League appearances, the Spanish footballer has just three goals. Some fans are expressing their disappointment in the £50 million purchase that took place only a year ago when Torres came as a superstar from Liverpool. Watch for Torres in the second half as he doesn’t have to stand out to make an impact.

Meanwhile, Serie A matches were postponed today due to heavy snowfall. Juventus (44 pts) will reschedule (TBD) hoping to keep their lead over AC Milan (43pts). Udinese, Lazio & Inter are not far behind with big matches in the near future that could swing the standings in just a few short weeks. Udinese, Lazio and Inter stand at 38, 36, and 35 points respectively.

AC Milan’s star forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic leads Serie A with 15 goals in 17 appearances. And after speculation on Inter’s Thiago Motta, Paris St. Germain confirmed today that they have reached a deal for €10 million for the star Italian midfielder.

After exciting matches from the Copa del Rey, Real Madrid still boasts a seven point lead over Barcelona, with Valencia an additional nine points behind them. The Spanish Primera Division is one of the most action packed leagues, with top scorers Cristiano Ronaldo (24 goals) and Leo Messi (22) and yet the standings do not reflect it.

Though Real Madrid holds a comfortable lead, there is a lot of soccer left to be played. And while the lineup is stacked with talent, Madrid coach Mourinho has had trouble with some of the Spanish big names on his squad. Look for them to stay strong as Barça looks to make a stab in the second half, with Valencia and Levante on their heals.

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