Torres’ Transfer Madness

The former Liverpool golden boy has turned in his reds and exchanged them for the (bigger and better) Chelsea blue.

Beating yesterday’s transfer deadline, Fernando Torres signed a five and a half year contract for a reported $80.21 million, leaving the Liverpool faithful bitter and speechless. Soon after arriving at Stamford Bridge, Torres gave an interview that has left his Reds outraged, resorting to no other than destroying Torres posters and burning his Liverpool jersey.

His interview on Chelsea TV went a little something like this, “It’s always very tough to play against Chelsea, they are one of the biggest teams in Europe, always fighting for everything. So after that there is no more to look forward — it’s the top level and this is the target for every footballer. To play in one of the top level clubs in the world and I can do it now, so I have to be very happy, as I am.”

Liverpool‘s struggle has been no secret, they spent half the year in the relegation zone and the other half barely avoiding it. Liverpool may no longer be a ‘top level club’, but to hear it from their former golden boy who supposedly hailed the club and denied rumors of leaving, it’s gotta be a little extra hurtful. To top it off, the record breaking $80.21 million contract has lead the Kop to believe that all he ever really wanted was money, money, money. Guess they don’t remember how the angry fans at Atletico Madrid reacted just a couple years ago when he left for Liverpool to play “better football”, receiving a nice $40 million in the process.

It’s always about the money. Money, Money, Money. On the bright side, Liverpool should have more than enough chants for this weekends match, when Liverpool face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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