How Do Professional Soccer Player's Not Get Paid on Time?

Portsmouth Cant Pay PlayersYou probably find it hard to believe, but there are actual professional soccer clubs around the world who can’t pay their players and staff on time. Such is the case at Fratton Park, where current English Premier League bottom-feeders Portsmouth have some serious problems.

Portsmouth players have been told they will only be paid “a portion” of their November pay checks and that the full amount will be paid next week. The more shocking part is that this is not the first time this has happened during the current season.

It has been a disaster season for Portsmouth following the ill-fated ownership of Sulaiman Al Fahim. The club has fallen to the bottom of the EPL table and their constant turmoil has made them the laughing stock of English soccer. Saudi Arabian businessman Ali Al Faraj took control of the club from Al Fahim in late October, but the same issues over finances seem to still exist.

In describing his disappointment with Portsmouth once again failing to pay players on time this season, PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor said, “There can’t be any good reason in the Premier League with the money they enjoy from television income alone, never mind sponsorship. That is what life is about in football, paying wages of the players. I thought this had been solved with the change of ownership at the club a few weeks ago. We had this earlier in the season.”

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